EduNova Signs Letter of Co-operation with the Shandong International Exchange Centre

In September 2016, Premier McNeil and the Governor of Shandong signed a Memorandum of Understanding to collaborate in a number of areas including education. The Shandong Foreign Affairs Office (FAO) has been tasked with furthering the partnership between Shandong and NS under the MOU.

EduNova has signed a Letter of Co-operation with the FAO International Exchange Centre. This umbrella agreement makes it possible for individual Nova Scotia institutions and schools to secure their own agreements directly with the International Exchange Centre.

In addition to a direct student recruitment opportunity, the Shandong FAO is very interested in articulation agreements between Shandong colleges and Nova Scotia universities and the NSCC. The FAO has identified mechatronics, culinary arts, human nutrition, hotel management, and accounting as priority disciplines for collaboration.