Study and Stay in Nova Scotia Program

The Study and Stay program aims to recruit and select 50 international students from China, India and the Philippines to begin their post-secondary studies at NSCC or a Nova Scotia university in September 2017. Selected students will be supported as they transition from ‘student’ to ‘professional’ over the course of their studies with a comprehensive international student support and career transition program focused on specific

tasks that include: employment-related events, networking opportunities, workshops, career mentorship, and an experiential workplace learning component. The goal of these supports is to retain 80% of the cohort one year post-graduation.

In addition to the 50 students ultimately accepted into the Study and Stay program, over 80,000 students, families and stakeholders have been reached with messages about Nova Scotia being a welcoming place to live and study.

By the conclusion of the recruitment phase of the project on April 15th, 2017, Study and Stay marketing and recruitment efforts have generated well over 1000 inquiries and 1295 formal expressions of interest from prospective students. We have received 772 (69 China, 46 India, 657 Philippines) program applicants to date, for the 50 available places. Selected students have received their acceptance letters from the Premier of Nova Scotia.