International Admissions Staff Training Program

EduNova’s International Admissions Staff Training working group has identified 12 countries for training. World Education Services is currently updating its curriculum and we anticipate setting three in-person training dates in the upcoming weeks.

Study Atlantic Canada marketing project

EduNova is in the final stages of completing the Study Atlantic marketing brand and collateral with M5. The project will culminate with a social media campaign focused on Vietnam and a French country (TBD). We anticipate the social media lead generation campaign will run for approximately 1-month. EduNova will triage leads to appropriate institutions as they are received.

Viewbook development

EduNova is working with all our member institutions to collect institutional photography, program overviews, and other highlights to be compiled for an evergreen digital viewbook. Institutions have recommended students for testimonials, and EduNova will follow up with requests for interviews to capture photos/videos in the upcoming weeks. The overall goal for the viewbook project is to create a living document hosted digitally via Issuu that can be updated and expanded as necessary. This will be the first time in nearly a decade that EduNova member institutions will be featured in a single document – demonstrating to stakeholders the incredible depth and breadth of study and student support options available in our province. The document will feature technology-infused pieces such as links to video and other collateral to provide an immersive student experience.

The Study and StayTM Nova Scotia – Mentor Applications

The Study and StayTM Nova Scotia mentor applications are now open. This is an excellent opportunity for people passionate about sharing their experiences while helping international students build their future in Nova Scotia. If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out this form to express your interest. You can find more details of the application process and timelines on our recently updated webpage:https://studynovascotia.ca/mentors/

Mark Kotzer is one of our long-serving mentors and this video does a good job of communicating his passion for the Study and Stay – Nova Scotia program and the impact mentors have.

For further information, please contact Francielle Ciconetto at francielle@edunova.ca