Discover Nova Scotia – New Student Resource Hub

Do you know an international student considering Nova Scotia for their post-secondary studies? The Discover Nova Scotia – New Student Resource Hub can help answer all questions prospective students may have about studying in the province, including information about:

  • Nova Scotia’s lifestyle;
  • Our eleven post-secondary institutions;
  • Info about language schools and K-12 programs for international students;
  • Where to live;
  • How to plan finances;
  • Steps to apply for a study permit;
  • And much more!

Share this link with anyone interested in post-secondary studies in Nova Scotia: https://studynovascotia.ca/nss…

The Study and Stay™ – Entrepreneurship Program

The Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Entrepreneurship Program is now open for applications! EduNova and Saint Mary’s University have partnered to develop and deliver a program designed to help student entrepreneurs bring their ideas to life. The program will run from May 17th to August 2nd, 2023, and is open to international and domestic students studying at a Nova Scotian post-secondary institution. During this time, they’ll attend a boot camp to learn valuable skills, receive support and resources to develop their idea and participate in customer discovery interviews. To make things even more exciting, participants will have an opportunity to pitch for up to $10,000, with $20,000 awarded to students as they build their ventures during our main in-person Study and Stay™ Entrepreneurship Program event scheduled for August 2nd at Saint Mary’s University.

You can access the program overview here: Program_Overview and Eligibility Criteria 2023.pdf

The Application Form: https://smuniversity.qualtrics…

If you have any questions, please reach out to chirag.narang@smu.ca or gabriela@edunova.ca.

Export Internship Program (EIP)


EduNova’s Workplace Walking Challenge – Spring 2023

The EduNova team launched a Workplace Walking Challenge during the month of April. One of the reasons this challenge was started, was to reduce our carbon oxide emissions, in addition to improving our physical fitness. Gabriela Martins explains, “This team activity motivated me to walk more and be more active. Honestly, I am grateful for it! I keep saying I will not win the steps competition (we have tough competitors here!), but I am winning something more significant, and that is the motivation to look for a healthier lifestyle.” The winner was EduNova’s President + CEO, Shawna Garrett. She collected 351,868 steps, which was 100,000 steps more than anyone else on the team, and her prize will be a new pair of sneakers (which she now needs).

For the month of May, the EduNova team is competing to see who can log the most kilometres travelled on foot or bike.

Study and Stay™ Foundations Information Session

Date: May 17th, 2023

Time: 3 pm

Invite Link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/89289334515?pwd=OTN0ampMb2VtcVlmVnlCUlFVZzFrZz09