Airport Welcome Desk – A warm welcome to international students!

EduNova will be hosting an Airport Welcome (APW) Booth August 26th-September 1st. Last year we welcomed 972 visitors to the booth (593 international students)—many arriving for their first time to Nova Scotia. EduNova worked with member institutions to create a warm and welcoming environment for international and out-of-province students. This collaborative project is made possible through funds from ACOA and additional sponsorship from Scotiabank. Its aim is to increase support for newly arriving international students while offering a unified ‘welcome’; to provide a positive and personable first-hand experience to students arriving to Canada for their first time; to help students feel welcomed, supported, and eager to learn and live in Nova Scotia.

Apart from the warm welcome from hired staff (international students themselves), each international student will receive a bag filled with healthy snacks (sponsored by Scotiabank) and community resources (banking, school, and program information), and assistance in connecting with transportation and getting to campus. 11 international students have been hired to work at the booth; 2 of the students hired accessed the booth last year, when they themselves were new students beginning their studies in Nova Scotia.