The Export Internship for Trade Graduates Program – Fall 2018


Are you exporting? Need help with those goals?

The Export Internship for Trade Graduates Program (EIP) provides a concrete link between recent graduates and Nova Scotian employers. The program will assist 20 graduates who have studied in disciplines related to international trade secure their first job in their field of study, and will afford these graduates the hands-on work experience necessary to launch a career in Nova Scotia.

Simultaneously, embedding these graduates in Nova Scotian companies will increase the companies’ export success. This project aligns with the Atlantic Growth Strategy goals of retaining more skilled talent in our region, connecting this talent to local businesses and increasing our region’s global competitiveness.

  • A one-year placement with an exporting SME to assist a Nova Scotian business or organization to research and develop new markets.
  • Each company will receive a $30,000 (max) non-repayable contribution toward a $40,000 salary. The company will be required to pay the $10,000 difference plus MERC.
  • Ideal businesses for the program would be those at the growth stage, non-startup companies, have the financial capacity, potential for scale, and a potential for continued employment.
  • An environment that would be a positive work and learning experience.
  • Companies need to submit a project plan that defines new market expansion, the work, and role of the intern.

For more information on this program, and to apply, please contact Natasha McNeil at or call 902-424-8178.