Meet the EduNova team: Natasha McNeil

Originally from Nova Scotia, Natasha McNeil is passionate about promoting the province and all it has to offer. As a graduate of both Nova Scotia Community College and Saint Mary’s University, she has a strong understanding of what makes Nova Scotia’s student experience special.

Natasha joined EduNova in 2007 and has played an important part in the organization’s growth over the years. In her current role as director of finance and operations, she keeps EduNova’s office running smoothly by managing all financial and operational matters. Natasha has also led dozens of EduNova’s projects, including a million-dollar collaborative recruitment and marketing initiative targeting four international student markets over three years. From office to project management, Natasha’s drive to provide excellence shines through in all her work.


What inspired you to join EduNova?

Two days after graduating from Nova Scotia Community College, I received a call to be a temporary replacement for EduNova’s administration. What an opportunity! Two months later, I permanently joined the EduNova team and was provided with training and opportunities to advance to my current role as director of finance & operations.

The chance to meet with people on a global level and directly see our impact as an organization inspired me, and continues to do so. Our community influence —and our impact on students, parents and educational organizations worldwide — makes me motivated to be part of an innovative and inspiring team every day.


What’s the most fulfilling part of your role? 

The most fulfilling part of my job is my team and the people I meet. The diversity of our members, students and colleagues brings so much value and inspiration to my work. The opportunity to enhance services and assist members in innovative ways gives me a chance to think outside the box and be as creative as I can!


What’s something most people might not know about you?

I am in love with textiles! My little passion is working with many different materials — from cotton to silks, paints, lumber and mixed media. I love a creative outlet!


What’s your favourite thing to do outside of work?

I enjoy creating a space that allows for comfort and creativity, both inside and outside of my home. If I am not out biking and exploring surrounding communities, I am at home in a comfortable nook and reading a book, writing poetry, gaming, gardening or playing with textiles!


What’s the best thing about living in Nova Scotia?

The best thing about Nova Scotia is, well, everything.

I have lived in Nova Scotia for my entire life, and while I have travelled across Canada, this province is my home. There is so much to see here — from the beautiful waterfalls to all the delightful festivals celebrating diversity and acceptance! I love that you can be around so much excitement and buzz in the city, and then drive for a few minutes and be out in nature. I have spent many years camping, sightseeing and exploring the province’s beautiful natural parks. It is truly a great place to live.