UPDATES AT EDUNOVA – October 11, 2023

Welcome Kristen Sutherland!

Mike Hennigar has recently transitioned from his role as the Director,  Recruitment and Marketing at EduNova to become the Manager of International Recruitment in Enrolment Services at Acadia University. We appreciate his many contributions to EduNova and wish him continued success at Acadia University. We look forward to continuing to work with him in this role.

EduNova is delighted to introduce Kristen Sutherland as EduNova’s new International Student Recruitment Strategist who has joined the EduNova team in a part-time leadership capacity. Currently, Kristen is also part of the Student Services team at Nova Scotia Community College. She is a member of the IDP Canada Advisory Panel and advises the AARAO (Atlantic Association of Registrar’s and Admissions Officers) executive. With a 20-year track record in higher education, Kristen has consistently advocated for diversity and inclusion in student recruitment, enrolment, and admissions processes.


We’re also excited to announce the promotion of Asma Lokhandwala to Senior Coordinator, Student Recruitment Projects. Asma has done a terrific job coordinating projects with Mike over the past year and we are excited to see her take this next step in her career with EduNova. Congratulations Asma!

Kristen is eager to collaborate with Asma on EduNova’s student recruitment initiatives, leveraging her deep knowledge of international markets and her ability to foster culturally relevant relationships with Asma’s operational knowledge of EduNova’s student recruitment programs and projects.

International Admissions Training Sessions with Ecctis

We were thrilled that EduNova Co-operative Ltd. had the opportunity to work with Ecctis Ltd to host three informative international admissions training sessions over two days at Dalhousie University with colleagues from across Nova Scotia. The Ecctis team shared their considerable expertise in international credential recognition and combatting education fraud with participants. These workshops were timely and helpful in ensuring the continuation of the integrity of Nova Scotia’s post-secondary admissions offices in this fast-changing space. We would like to offer our thanks to Ann MacDonald and Dalhousie University for hosting and to Advanced Education for sponsoring the project.

Groningen Declaration Network

The Groningen Declaration Network (GDN) is excited to announce its annual digitization conference in Amman, Jordan from October 16 to 19, 2023. We invite you to register for this capstone event soon as the early bird deadline is August 28. Registration link

ARUCC has had a longstanding relationship with the GDN as it served as the inspiration back in 2013/14 for the beginnings of what today is the ARUCC MyCredsTM | MesCertifTM National Network. The GDN also inspired the My eQuals in Australia and New Zealand and several other initiatives of a similar nature around the globe, and it has been inspired and supported by many. Examples include international organizations that are long-standing patrons such as  Digitary by Parchment/ Parchment which is the technology service provider for MyCredsTM, the National Student Clearinghouse, the China Credential Verification Service (CSSD), and the DUO in the Netherlands.

The GDN Jordan international convening happens every fall and is an opportunity to meet thought leaders from around the globe involved in advancing learner mobility through the ethical and secure exchange of academic documents and data. The GDN provides resources for those learning about innovations in the digital field, access to the world’s best thought leaders in the field, and research on how to engage in evolving open standards to advance rapid access to jobs and further education. The GDN regularly supports emerging opportunities to improve mobility such as by supporting research into digital solutions to support refugees and identifying alternative ways to deliver learning outcomes such as through micro credentials, blockchain, and verifiable credentials. This annual event represents an extraordinary opportunity to learn and share with the world’s best!

Study and Stay™- Nova Scotia Mayor’s Welcome Event

The 2023 Mayor’s Reception for New International Students at the Halifax Convention Centre welcomed international students with warmth and hospitality. Mayor Mike Savage along with presidents of Halifax’s post-secondary institutions extended a heartfelt welcome, and the event featured cultural performances, delicious local cuisine, and networking opportunities with essential service providers. EduNova introduced these new students to the Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Foundations programs. This event underscored Halifax’s commitment to making international students feel at home and ready for their academic journey in the province.

Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Welcome Week Updates

EduNova’s Study and Stay™ Retention coordinators, Elorm Anyadi and Francielle Ciconetto have had the privilege of attending a number of university orientation events over the past few weeks across the province. The visits gave the team an excellent opportunity to engage with international students and share information about the Study and Stay™- Nova Scotia Foundations and Capstone Programs. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the members who generously welcomed the team during their visit. The success of these campus visits was greatly attributed to the hospitality and partnership of our members.

Study and Stay™- Nova Scotia Foundations Internship Program

We’re excited to announce the launch of the Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Foundations Internship Program. This program, formerly known as the NSISP Ambassador Program, partners domestic students with international students from various universities across the province. The program aims to offer first-year domestic students the chance to apply the experience they gained as NSISP ambassadors in high school to support first-year international students, also known as peer mentees in Nova Scotia. Our peer mentors will be crucial in helping first-year international students connect with resources on their campuses and in their communities.  To recognize their contributions, our peer mentors will receive a $2,000 award towards their tuition in their first year of study in Nova Scotia.