UPDATES AT EDUNOVA – November 8, 2023

Welcome Ashley Pinsent-Tobin!

We are happy to share that Ashley Pinsent-Tobin has recently taken on the role of International Student Success Strategist with EduNova. In this capacity, Ashley will be responsible for overseeing the Study and Stay – Nova Scotia Program and the Post-Graduation Immigration Support Program. Ashley will continue in her position as Manager of International Learning Programs at NSCC International, a role she has held for the past 14 years. Her primary focus is on improving support services for international students and graduates, ensuring they feel welcomed and supported in Nova Scotia.

Ashley has actively contributed to the Study and Stay – Nova Scotia BEST Conference Committee for the last eight years. Before her tenure at NSCC, she managed Student Programs at Dalhousie University’s International Health Office. Her background includes collaborations with various local, national, and global non-profit organizations. Additionally, she has experience teaching English as an additional language both in Canada and abroad, interned in the Maldives, and pursued academic studies in Cuba and Spain.

You can reach her at ashley@edunova.ca. Please join me in giving a warm welcome to Ashley!

Study and Stay™- Nova Scotia Capstone Program Retreat 2023

In October, EduNova was honoured to host the Study and Stay™ Capstone Retreat 2023, marking the launch of the Study and Stay™ Capstone Cohort # 8 (2023-2024). This event brought together students from 27 countries currently enrolled in post-secondary institutions across Nova Scotia. The purpose of this gathering was to facilitate connections, learning, personal growth, and the sharing of unique experiences within this diverse community.

The Study and Stay™ team organized the Retreat to support these talented students as they transition from student to professional in Nova Scotia. The workshops focused on honing critical skills like networking, career advancement tips, and personal development, resulting in a genuinely transformative experience for all attendees. One of the most rewarding outcomes to observe was the formation of meaningful connections and friendships amongst the cohort. Students openly discussed their goals and aspirations, forging a supportive community of like-minded individuals that will endure long after the event.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to our guest speakers, who generously shared their insights, time and expertise, providing invaluable guidance for our participants’ future journeys. Additionally, we would like to express our appreciation to our dedicated students and partners, whose pivotal roles contributed significantly to the success of this event.

Collectively, we are shaping a brighter future for our province and eagerly anticipating the promising path ahead for this talented and passionate cohort of international students!

Study and Stay™- Nova Scotia Foundations Program Now Accepting New Students

We’re excited to announce the Study and Stay™ – Nova Scotia Foundations Program is welcoming new students! The Foundations program is tailored for international students in any year of post-secondary education in Nova Scotia who are interested in remaining in the province after graduation. This free program facilitates networking, career development and fosters strong community connections for international students.

Check out the facts about the Study and Stay™ – Foundations Program via our

Foundations_Fact_Sheet_EN. Please share this information with eligible international students. Students can download the iCent app today to join the program.

iCent app and the Fall 2023 Airport Welcome Desk

Between August 1 and September 3 this year, 12 staff members, including iCent personnel, Nova Scotia graduates, and student hires, warmly welcomed international students at the Halifax and Sydney airports as part of EduNova’s Airport Welcome Desk Program. Support was available from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. during these days, totalling 14 hours of assistance daily. This was the first time EduNova extended its welcome services to include an Airport Welcome Desk at the Sydney Airport, which operated from August 31 to September 3. The program had continuous support from the iCent remote support team and contact centre, ensuring that help was accessible around the clock, 24/7. Over this period, our teams successfully assisted over 1,000 new international students.

The program employed students who were proficient in 15 different languages, representing our member institutions including SMU, Dalhousie, Acadia, STFX, MSVU, NSCC, Ste. Anne and CBU to provide comprehensive services to meet various language needs. To optimize efficiency, we had team members present during the busiest arrival times over the seven days.

The iCent app used to support the Airport Welcome Desk Program was designed to offer comprehensive support to incoming international students. At the airport, 2,572 students from 94 countries utilized the app. It assisted them with various aspects of their journeys to Canada, including airport navigation, transportation, accommodation, orientation, access to important dates, offering a free phone SIM card, providing information about banking and currency exchange services, and addressing any other questions students typically have when arriving in a new country for the first time.

Thank you to Ganesh and the iCent support team for helping us create welcoming communities for international students in Nova Scotia!