Export Internship Program Poster

Register for the Export Internship Program

Program Background The Export Internship for Trade Graduates program provides a concrete link between recent graduates and Nova Scotian employers. The program will assist graduates who have studied in disciplines […]

Recruitment Missions to Southeast Asia

    Student recruitment missions to Philippines, Vietnam and market research in Laos, this fall presented an opportunity to specifically target well-qualified parents and students in large numbers and highlight […]

The hottest event of the year!

By their nature graduation ceremonies are emotional events. They are a mix of joy, excitement, fear of the future and even the bittersweet sadness of the changes they represent. It’s […]

Immigration update

Advocacy around immigration issues that affect international students is important to EduNova and our members. For this reason, an Immigration Subcommittee has been created under the Operations Committee to enable […]

EduNova joins Eaquals

EduNova is delighted to be the first North American Associate Member of Eaquals. One of our key areas of focus is international collaboration, something which we find echoed in what […]